Louisiana Strawberry
Dressed with sliced strawberries and creole cream cheese mouse

Filled with naval orange crème cheese mousse topped with white chocolate

Szechuan Lemon
Filled with lemon curd and rubbed with a Szechuan spice

Filled with malted milk cream topped with 60% semi-sweet fine chocolate and crushed malted milk balls

Praline Bacon
Praline glaze with smoked bacon and toasted pecans

Chocolate Salted Caramel
Dipped in 60% fine dark chocolate topped with a pink Himalayan salted caramel

Peanut Toffee
Rolled in a mix of finely chopped peanut toffee pieces

Vanilla Bean Glaze
Madagascar vanilla bean glaze

Blueberry Sage Glaze
Fresh blueberry and sage glaze

Cinnamon Crunch
Yeast ring doughnut dipped in a spiced cinnamon sugar